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In-Home Dog Grooming in Buffalo, NY

Who wants to take their little one out in Buffalo, NY cold weather? That's why we offer the in-home Bath & Brush Out. Your dog will get all the benefits of our services from the comfort of their home.

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What is the in-home "Mini Groom"?

For dogs that do not need the complete cut, the "Mini Groom" takes care of the necessities such as paw and pad trim, the sanitary area, and feathering (if needed). Naturally, your dog will get our Pawdicure too! This service is always included in the "Mini Groom".
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Grooming Services in Buffalo, NY

Cindy Ferrino is professionally trained in Dog Grooming/Animal Science and is a Nutrition Specialist for a specific dog & cat food brand. We are fully insured and we will treat your pet with the love and compassion they deserve. It is always best to maintain a regular grooming schedule for your dog.
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